Why CarritoKayak

Why CarritoKayak 

     It arises from the need for a convenient transportation system, safe and reliable, and easy to fold to keep on top or in the kayak while browsing. In the market there are plenty of trolleys designed for this purpose, but they have problems too big to be universal, you want to use kayaks, canoes, kayaks or small boats. These assumptions design and manufacturing expensive production, enlarge their size and difficult to use, when a ralidad User has no more than a kayak model and does not understand why he has to pay a versatile than ever will need. CarritoKayak, is versatile and adaptable.
But only for any type of kayak autovaciante, ie it has scuppers or drain holes in the bottom, in this way we were able to design and build

A trolley unique, lightweight, small, easy to use.

The elegance of its design and its ease of use and adaptation so you can check in our photo gallery or in  vídeo demostration.

         Sincerely:  CarritoKayak team